Body found on Quechee golf course

UPDATED: Police have released the identity (see bottom of story)

QUECHEE - A body found next to a fairway on the golf course at Quechee Lakes first thing Friday morning is believed to be that of a seasonal resident who may have died while out for a walk some time Thursday evening, according to Hartford Police.

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    "At about 7:30 this morning maintenance workers at the Quechee Club reported finding a male down who was unresponsive,” Hartford Police Sgt. Karl Ebbighausen said at the scene.  “They did attempt life saving efforts; however, it quickly became clear that wasn’t going to be effective.”

Hartford police and coroners take a stretcher up to collect the body (which is in front of the pickup truck)

        There was no reason to suspect foul play, but the sergeant said there was also nothing about the man, who appeared to be approximately 60 years of age, nor his immediate surroundings to suggest why he died so Assistant Medical Examiner Tom Harty ordered that the body be taken to Burlington for an autopsy.

    The golf course, which was already busy first thing in the morning despite the heavy fog that hung over the valley and around nearby Lake Pineo, diverted players around the 7th hole for most of the morning in order to let police and coroners work undisturbed.  The body was lying at the base of a tree just a few yards above a golf cart path which in the evenings often becomes a walking path for residents of several nearby condo complexes.

Police cruisers on the golf course

UPDATE:  On Wednesday the Hartford Police Department released the identity of the deceased.  He is Morgan Walker, 60, a resident of both Wilton, Connecticut and Quechee where he had been staying at a nearby condominium owned by his family.

    "The investigation is ongoing and the manner/cause of death is pending, but initial autopsy results lead us to believe that it may be from medical/natural causes," said Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brad Vail, who added "No foul play or otherwise is apparent at this time."

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