New Paramedics Are Tops In Their Class!

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Fire Chief Scott D. Cooney

One of the greatest rewards to being the Fire Chief is the opportunity to recognize your staff for excellence.

In June of 2016 Firefighters Christian Henault and Ian Duffy began the massive 16-month educational journey to become certified paramedics. Currently, the department requires that its employees be certified at the Advanced EMT level. The Paramedic certification is the highest level of prehospital medical certification one can achieve. It causes the student to sacrifice time with family, creates hardship with their life and produces considerable stress on their already busy lifestyle. All for the purpose of achieving personal excellence.

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Last night I and fire department staff attended the graduation of our two students from the New England EMS Institute in Manchester, NH. Out of the 30 students that began this journey, 21 students graduated with the program last night.

My heart was filled with pride as the students from Hartford Fire were recognized by the program's coordinator as not only the top two students in the program but the only two that had received their certification as paramedics at the time of graduation. Additionally, the school presents two awards at every graduation, the Academic Achievement Award and the Clinical Achievement Award. Our students received both awards. Firefighter/Paramedic Christian Henault received the Academic Achievement Award and Firefighter/Paramedic Ian Duffy received the Clinical Achievement Award.

It has been a long road for both students. I could not be more appreciative and proud of their willingness to strive for their personal experience and for the benefit they will give to our community.

Congratulations to both of you!


Scott D. Cooney

Fire Chief

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