Meet Edie Morgan: Olympian, Blogger, and Marshmallow Medic

I have not yet been an Olympian, and as I'm now 60 years old I'd say my chances are getting slimmer with every passing competition, which leaves me no choice but to ask Edie Morgan what it's like. Edie is a DailyUV blogger who competed in not one but two Olympics as a world-class skier. And if you follow her blog -- you do, right? because you should! -- then you know she's still making the most of life outdoors.  

Your love of the outdoors runs deep. Where did it come from?

I guess it was my Dad. He loved the mountains, mainly because that’s where you could ski, and skiing was his true passion. Hiking wasn’t really his thing, but again, if it got you up a ski hill he did it. He hauled our entire family up to the Sierras from the Bay Area every weekend in the Chevy station wagon and eventually we moved to Squaw Valley. Once there, I was all about being in the mountains year round, as much as possible -- hiking, biking, skiing, windsurfing, rafting ... whatever.

As an Olympian, you skied at the highest level in the sport. What’s one thing about that experience you wish the rest of us could see or feel for ourselves?

Opening Ceremonies! Marching into the stadium that first time, hearing, seeing and feeling the crowd was pretty darned cool. It still kind of gives me the chills to think back on it. Everyone should get that chance to feel like a queen/king for a moment. So much of everything we work for is just a slog, with nothing really marking the accomplishment. Opening Ceremonies was that big Attaboy validation moment you fantasize about.

The other day you posted a hiking guide that was full of great tips. Marshmallows as blister pads -- who knew? I’m curious to know how you figured that one out.

A loooooong time ago a friend and I were heading out for a few days camping in the Sierras. We were young and woefully underprepared for the adventure. The phrase, “If you’re going to be dumb, you’d better be tough” comes to mind. A couple of miles in to our trek I already had a brutal blister. I knew were were both too stubborn to turn back so I got creative. The one thing we had -- in fact our only foodsource -- was s’mores fixin’s, so I wrapped a marshmallow in a piece of the Jet-Puff bag and stuffed it in my boot. We had other troubles along the way, but my blister was not one of them. The marshmallow trick has saved many a hiker since then, most recently atop Mt Adams.

If you’ve got a couple hours and you just want to get outside and enjoy the Upper Valley, where do you go?

The Dartmouth Skiway. In the winter it’s such an easy place to hit the slopes and see friendly faces, and in the summer and fall the AT on the Holt’s side is a quick hike with a rewarding view. Plus, they have the best French Fries of any ski area in the world. And I’ve tried a lot!

You live in Hanover. What’s one cool thing about your town that people don’t know?

Well, technically I am in Hanover Center, which is Etna, which is all part of that vast right coast conspiracy to confuse imports like myself. I think it is the geographic center of Hanover, and the place that was first settled. It used to have a schoolhouse, a general store, a post office, etc. I think our house used to be the post office and it used to be on the Underground Railroad. For someone who grew up in suburbia it’s cool to be surrounded by walls with so much history.


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