Blogger Lisa Ladd: Better Than a Movie Star

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Mark Travis

Thetford may not have movie stars -- but it does have California transplant and DailyUV blogger Lisa Ladd, which may be even better. I mean, would a movie star travel all over the region looking for fun things to do, then tell you about them?

I don't think so either. But that's what Lisa does in her blog, Hit the Road! That's cool, so we should get to know her.

Seems like you’re always on the road, driving here and there to check out interesting places, then telling us about them. How do you make time for raking leaves and going to the dump -- you know, the fun stuff?

Most people who know me call me the Energizer Bunny, and my partner is the same. I work full time but am now an empty-nester, so I’m not tied to the same school/sports rhythms I once was. Although it seems like I travel a lot, I have plenty of weekends that are devoted to the fun stuff, but I do try and build in some mini-trips, even if it is just to a farmstand.

Word is you moved here from California. Where did you live in Cali, and what’s the biggest difference between that town/city/megacity/supermegacity/LA and Thetford? 

I am a California native. I hail from the Bay Area, San Francisco being my last stop before moving here in 1988. The biggest differences between LA and Thetford though, is no strip malls, very little traffic, and unfortunately, no great ethnic food trucks or movie stars that I’m aware of.

When a friend visits from California, name one place you’d take them to and say, “This is Vermont!”

I take them for a drive on 89 north. To me, no matter where you stop, Montpelier, Waterbury, or Burlington, you are easily able to show them Vermont, no matter what time of year.

You’ve been to Maine, you’ve been to Massachusetts … but I believe I speak for all of residents of New Hampshire when I say we’re feeling a little left out. You should drive the Kanc and meet a moose!

Hah! You jest! I have featured Warner, Hanover, Lebanon, and Keene and Littleton, but rest assured New Hampshire, you are near and dear to my heart and I will continue to write about you.  

It’s going to be winter soon. Do you hibernate? Or keep on hitting the road?
I do a little of both. I’m the first to admit that if it is really nasty outside I am perfectly content to curl up with a good book, especially one that takes place in another country or region I’m not familiar with. But, I get restless in winter, and use that time to explore indoors, visiting museums and exploring towns I’m not familiar with.  


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