Looking to Buy a Home in the Upper Valley?

Submitted a year ago

Advice For New Homebuyers

We are lucky to live in such a gorgeous area. Historic old farmhouses, colonials, renovated barns... the architecture is beautiful. If you are looking to buy however, make sure you know the following before you sign any papers. 

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Get the dates of any renovations or upgrades on your soon-to-be home.  Looking at an older home? In order to get a loan make sure you know the following:

  1. Insurance agents want to make sure the furnace is 25 years old or newer. 
  2. They will want to know when the roofing was replaced, the most recent, the better.  
  3. Make sure the electric and plumbing is up to code. 
  4. Make sure house has been tested for lead and is lead-free! 

Good luck house hunters!


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