Vershire Honors Library Lynn!

Lynn Roy enjoying one of her favorite activities as Vershire Librarian of 15 years

Celebrating Lynn Roy's 15 Years of Volunteer Service

The Friday evening celebration on September 29 started off with a typical Vershire feast, which means both wood-fired pizza from our community brick oven, expertly prepared by Carol Suich and Gene Craft, and additional tables filled with an amazing potluck spread with variations from fresh garden produce to comfort food casseroles to vegetarian and gluten-free treats, all shared in a packed Town Center dining room.

Photos of the many years of library memories filled tables and wall space - a relatively few examples in visual recognition of the innumerable moments Lynn has shared with the community through the all-volunteer Vershire Community Library, and especially the children of all ages.

It should be apparent from these snapshots of the last decade and a half that this library offers so much more than books!  From crafts to field trips, costume parties to after school snacks, hands-on activities and outdoor play, as well as some good old-fashioned down time for active kids and a break for busy parents, all are expressions of the safe and caring atmosphere Lynn and the other library volunteers provide, balancing stimulation with relaxation, and cultivating each child's uniqueness as well as skills for getting along with others and making valuable friendships.

Desserts were so abundant that I actually ended up with a few left over gluten-free brownies that returned home with me, but the piece de resistance was certainly the gorgeous cake decorated with tiny chocolate books!

Andrea Harrington starts off her tenure at the helm of the library by presenting Lynn with this fabulous literary masterpiece!

I'm sure this is an entirely new way for Lynn to enjoy a book - by eating it!

Lynn was also awarded with a beautiful little Library Angel in appreciation of her years of creative, enthusiastic and loving service.

Lynn unwrapping her angelic gift

Andrea Harrington is now coordinating the Library, and we look forward to hearing more from her about future plans for this pillar of the Vershire community.  Andrea is well qualified for this job: besides being a mom of two with homeschooling experience, she is the Vershire Camp director and works for the Orange County Parent Child Center.  Her husband, Carl Vitols, has now had a special auxiliary torch passed to him by John Roy, who good-naturedly refers to the position as SOL, or Spouse of Librarian.

Left to right, standing: Bonnie (also SOL - Sister of Librarian!), Carl, John and Lynn

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Here’s what Lynn herself had to say about this momentous occasion.

“It was heartwarming to have such a big crowd show up for the party on Friday night.  All the great food, wonderful big cake with little chocolate book decorations, the cards and photos – so much appreciation for the work I had done over the last 15 years.  It was very touching.  Building up the library, planning activities – and carrying them out, spending time with the children, watching them grow, and working with volunteers has been richly rewarding for me.  It was a growing time for me, too.  I had never done anything like this before.  It stretched me in many ways.

“It feels good to turn the library over to Andrea – she has lots of enthusiasm and good ideas.  The children of Vershire will continue to find a welcoming place in the library!

“Thanks are due to many people - I have to thank my daughter, Kathy [Hooke], who 15 years ago said 'Let’s have a library!' and got me involved at the start.  Many thanks also go to my husband, John (SOL – spouse of librarian), who has been my main supporter all along – from hanging wallpaper, to hauling books, running the book sales (all 30 of them), and maintaining the computer inventory of over 5,000 books.  And I want to thank Pamela Mainville who led the library for the first several years - she had so many fun ideas that set the tone for the years that followed.

“Thanks also to the faithful volunteers who showed up every Saturday to cheerfully welcome anyone who came in the door.  And to many, many people who helped in big and small ways to make it all work!

It’s been a wonderful 15 years!”

Yes it has, Lynn, and we are deeply grateful.  

Maybe we'll see her at the Vershire Fall Festival on October 7, 11-3 at the Vershire Town Center, and the Book Sale 10-2 at the Church-Orr House!

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