Make A Pumpkin Spice Latte At Home

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Fall is the best season. It is pure bliss. Unfortunately, a lot of that bliss comes from the sweet tasty treats that are associated with the season. Including apple cider donuts, fried dough, pumpkin pie, and candy apples. My favorite fall treat is the Pumpkin Spice Latte, PSL for the hip.

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It’s an expensive habit if you are frequently grab em’ at Dunkin’ Donuts or Jake’s. It’s hard on the wallet, but also hard on the waist line. For reference, a tall PSL from Starbucks has 38 grams of sugar.  A single can of coke normally contains 33 grams. I tell myself that a tall PSL brings me enough joy to overlook those scary nutrition labels, but when my pants start feeling this tight before I’ve even had thanksgiving dinner, I start to see alternatives.

So, I found this healthier homemade PSL: Video

Things You’ll NEED:

Vanilla Almond Milk

Pumpkin Puree

Vanilla Extract


Pumpkin Pie Spice


Whipped cream (Optional, but recommended)

I spent a good amount of time researching homemade PSLs, this one seemed to be the best since it’s made with actual pumpkin instead of just flavoring. The rich seasonal flavor of the pumpkin is really what makes it stand out.

The recipe says you can add black pepper, yeah, I’m strongly not okay with that. But, feel free to try it if you are crazy.

Another aspect of this recipe that stood out, was it could be made with all items normal kitchen owners have. Coffee maker, stove, etc.  It didn't require tools that only people who are crazy into cooking have.

So, try making a ton of these! It will save you money and a few calories.

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