Five Questions With...Comedian Juston McKinney

McKinney to make LOH debut on October 13

Juston McKinney hails from that famed hotbed of comedy known as the New Hampshire/Maine border. After earning an associate’s degree from the prestigious Southern Maine Community College, he was hired as a deputy sheriff patrolling that very same border.

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In 1997, Juston turned in his gun and badge and left the dangerous streets of rural Maine for the quiet community of Queens, New York. While living in NYC he worked his way into the city’s comedy scene and The New York Times declared he was “destined for stardom.”

With performances on The Tonight Show and The King of Queens, a slot on the Blue Collar Comedy Next Generation tour with Bill Engvall and his own Comedy Central specials under his belt, Juston has returned to the Granite State at the top of his game.

Juston's October 13 performance at LOH is cosponsored by Omer & Bob's--thanks for the support!

1.       You are performing at Lebanon Opera House on Friday the 13th. Do you have any weird superstitions or pre-show rituals?

I don't answer the phone if my wife is calling because she's gonna ask me to do something or complain about something.

2.       How has living in New Hampshire shaped your comedic viewpoint?

I think most comedians are shaped by where they live and what they live. NH just happens to be a great state to live in for [stand-up] material.

3.       Who are your comedy idols?

Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison and George Carlin were some of my favorites when I started. Seinfeld was my favorite show of all time.

4.       What was the first joke you wrote?

I hated when you offer someone gum and they say they'll save it for later. No, we chew together! If someone offers to buy you a drink you don't say, "just give me the $5, I'll save it for later."

5.       Since Halloween is just around the corner: fun size or full size?

What do I give out? Full size...I buy protection from the trickers! 😊 The first houses that get hit are apple houses, next are fun size.


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