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Why We Use Vermont Wildflowers

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Long before aloe vera was processed, packaged and flown to every corner of the earth, marshmallow root was one of the plants you turned to when you had a scrape or a burn or very chapped skin. It grows in at the edge of meadows all over Vermont.

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When we were carefully choosing the ingredients for our hair+ skincare we wanted to keep it as local as possible-and for hair and body care that can be a challenge. Even the simplest bar of soap or balm needs to have oils like coconut or olive that don’t grow here in our climate. 

What we already knew was that people were  drawn to certain scents based on their personality or the season. Our very special aromas were definitely connected to feelings. We don't do just plain lavender-because lots of other people do. One day, I was reading a gardening book and the description of angelica struck me, because it was exactly how I described our Rosewood Infusion blend. I began to look at all the plants growing nearby with new eyes. 

We worked with a local herbalist-who coincidentally had little to no interest in aromatherapy-but asked me to describe the “feeling” the scents gave.  Together we made pairings of local wildflowers and the scent blends. The first year we purchased the ingredients from a reputable source and made the infusions but now we harvest and process the plants ourselves. We chose not to purchase heavily preserved herbal extracts from a huge manufacturer, off their warehouse shelves and honestly, I've never been able to source wild clover infusion the way we make it anyway.

You may have thought that clover would be a perfect pairing for our HoneyBlossom blend. But HoneyBlossom is soft and delicate with warm undertones and clover is light, nutritious and energetic. So marshmallow root, which is very gentle as it coats and soothes was the perfect pairing for the feeling we wanted. And clover turned out to be a good balance for our LavenderMint blend which is soothing and tingly at the same time.

Each of our formulas draws upon centuries of herbal wisdom and traditional and modern science to solve common skin+hair issues in a holistic way. Just as with our food, what we choose to put on our skin + hair is just one of the many conscious choices we make every day. We want to give you  the option of real, healthy ingredients-as local as possible.

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