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Brad Choyt
For this week’s post, I wanted to share a quote from a colleague who has been at Crossroads Academy for more than two decades. His reflection gets to the heart of our school’s philosophy and why character education is so important in today’s schools: “The Middle School has, I think, more than a few core values. Some of these include or are covered by many topics. But to me, the chief value among these is the development of a learning environment where people, and how they reach each other, are the first consideration. Curriculum considerations will never supersede this point in my thinking. Nothing is more important than how we reach each other; what we attempt to accomplish in education and how we are seen or evaluated in our efforts will ultimately stand or fall on the sincerity and consideration of our community. It is also likely that many students will better remember and be more positively influenced by the character of our community than by any single subject or teacher. Depending on what we offer in terms of community, we may provide a lesson more significant and lasting than that from any individual classroom.”

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