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Meet Rich Liscinsky, current Quechee Lakes Landowners Association (QLLA) Board of Trustees member. As Rich and I sat down, we talked about my recent dinner experience at Davidson’s Restaurant at The Quechee Club. As a passionate advocate for the Quechee community, he wanted to know everything. We had an animated discussion about the meatloaf and the vegetables, and I thought, “Wow – he really cares,” and as we continued to chat, it is clear that he really does!

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Rich is a “Brooklyn boy” from the then predominantly Polish and Irish Greenpoint Neighborhood. He went to St. John’s University in New York, which he explains, “opened up the world” for him, and still maintains contact with fellow alums.

His roots in computers and finance

After graduation, he taught at Sands Junior High School in Fort Green in Brooklyn, New York for about 12 years. That’s where he met wife, Ann; also a Brooklyn native and teacher. He attended graduate school at Columbia University in Psychology and started working with kids in a small Title 1 program. Computers were just beginning to be used to enrich education (the original Radio Shack TRS80 – who remembers those?), and he found that the students would skip lunch to work on the computers. Rich got fascinated as well and began to learn about computers – and the financial industry – taking courses at New York University. With Ann’s steady work as a school psychologist, Rich launched a Wall Street career working with several big investment banks and subsequently established his own business working with financial firms. Rich and Ann raised their family in Valley Cottage in the Nyack area of Rockland County, NY. In 2004, they moved to COOP in Bronxville, and finally to Quechee full-time in 2011.

Settling in Quechee

The idea of a home in the country to escape city life was second nature to Rich. In the early 80s, the Liscinsky’s bought a place in Marlboro, VT, in the early 80s and the family loved it – the outdoors, skiing, hiking, swimming, lots of green space. With the move to the suburbs in Rockland County, they sold their Vermont home, but always came back to visit.

One day, thinking about retirement plans, Ann saw an ad for Quechee, and they decided to come and take a look. And like most of us who live here, fell in love with it at first sight! Along with the Upper Valley culture and health-care offerings, they saw the “fertile social community” that is Quechee Lakes.

So, the Liscinskys bought a lot in Quechee in 2001 with plans to build a house; however, they didn’t anticipate the cost of excavating to build, sold it, and started looking for a property on a flat site! While Rich played golf, Ann went house hunting and found their current home on Tichenor Lane in 2004.

Rich and Ann with family

Getting involved in the community

Since then, they have become very active in the Quechee community. Rich says he “likes to be involved both socially and politically in his community, and wanted to be part of the decision making in Quechee.” He quickly joined several QLLA committees: the Strategic Planning Committee (now the Facilities Planning Committee), the Community Affairs Committee, and chaired the Trails Committee. Then decided to run for a Board Trustee position.

He is now in his fifth year on the Board, chairs the Facilities Planning Committee and Fitness Committees, and sits on the Marketing Committee. “I am a member-centric person. I believe that the members should drive the direction and decision making,” Rich says. He encourages members to be involved and to provide feedback – both positive and negative – to Club management and the Board. “If you have something to say, send an email to or call a department director, the general manager, or a board member,” he says. For dining services feedback, there is a survey provided with the check each time, which is reviewed by management. There is also a periodic member satisfaction survey, which the Board actively uses for future planning. Rich assures me that the Board looks at direct and survey feedback very carefully.

“The current Board members all share the same vision of the Club now. The Board acts on that vision, and focuses on member satisfaction and value. We need to continue to keep members involved in committees and then on the Board. It would be nice to see some younger members and women on the Board,” says Rich.

Changes to the club are enhancing the value to members In terms of value, Rich cites recent changes that he thinks have increased value to members. These include the new pool complex opened last summer, and the new Dewey’s deck bar and dining area this year. Use of both has been substantial, and the feedback is very positive. “It is amazing to see all those young families there now.” As of this past winter, use of the skill hill was part of member’s base dues and this summer, members can access boat rentals at Lake Pinneo with no additional cost. Rich sees these as a real addition to the “value concept.”

The Facilities Planning Committees is now working on plans to make the Base Lodge more functional and relevant. Also there is a discussion about a new capital project – the construction of a pavilion at Murphy Farm rather than tent rentals. Weddings at Quechee are very popular. Not only would a pavilion show commitment to that experience, but also support special member events and the kid’s camps. Rich sees this as a win/win proposition.

And let’s not forget that a core QLLA mission is to “preserve the natural beauty, rural character, and setting of the valley.” Rich explains that this component of the mission as “critically important. The Trails Committee is working to enhance member experience of the natural beauty around us, with the Review Board working to ensure balance. “We are stewards of the Valley and committed to preserve those natural qualities and enhance the members’ ability to enjoy it,” says Rich.

Meanwhile, Rich, Ann, and family – Chris, in New York City with his new wife, Lisa; Erik, in Chicago, with Breanne, and grandchildren, Ian, 4, and Emmett, 2; and Sara, in Quechee – all enjoy living and visiting here. Rich and Ann now spend several months in the winter in Florida, and who knows what the future will bring. For now, thank you Rich for so actively and enthusiastically supporting our high-quality of life in Quechee.


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