Who Would Want a Life Without Apples?

There are 7500 different types of apples. Shouldn’t we celebrate them? 

Think about the special place apples have in our culture: No one has ever said, “It’s as American as Mom and lemon meringue pie.” Nary a parent has told a child, “A plum a day keeps the doctor away.” Remember in the movie when Will Hunting asked his rival if he liked apples, and then said, “Well, I got her numbah. How do you like them apples?” Or when Peter Brady says “pork chops and applesauce” using his best Humphrey Bogart voice? This fruit strikes us at our most sensitive core (ahem!) as evidenced by the way we revere it in our language: she’s the apple of my eye. The apple never falls far from the tree. He’s a bad apple. Think how perfectly the expression “It’s like comparing apples and oranges” works. Goodness, imagine how history would be different if Eve had nibbled a persimmon instead of an apple! Even our anatomy has incorporated it: is there another body part other than the Adam’s apple named after a fruit?
So as we celebrate the Granny Smith, Gala, Mcintosh, Cortland and all the others in their finest seasonal hour, here is a primer on all things apple. We hope you’ll learn at least one or two little tricks or new things you can do with one of nature’s most popular fruit.
  1. There are a million ways to peel an apple. This old-fashioned machine is one of our favorites, but a paring knife, a vegetable peeler, or a Y peeler, also work. Some people save the skins for mulling. Others, ahem, do not.  
  2. To prevent browning of cut apples, douse them with lemon juice. This is especially helpful when you are making a fruit salad or including cut apples in a child’s lunchbox.
  3. Want a different look for your apples? Cut them into stars: place the apple with the stem parallel to the cutting board. Cut apple in slices crosswise. See the star? 
  4. If you want to make an impressively high apple pie, Lisa suggests doubling the apples, making a big old mound of them in your pie dish, and doubling your crust to cover it all.
  5. To make applesauce pink, include the skins.
  6. Mayonnaise and apples together? Sounds suspect. Yet, if you add celery, walnuts, grapes, and a fancy name, it becomes the Waldorf Salad, the height of culture.
  7. One bushel of apples yields about 3 gallons of cider.
  8. Caramel apples might be the only carnival food you can (and should) make at home. Seriously, no one should attempt fried dough, corn dogs, or cotton candy in their home kitchen, but caramel apples are easy and a huge hit with the younger set.
  9. Here is a tip poached directly from this site: “Apples give off a natural gas called ethylene, which speeds the ripening process for other fruits. To speed the ripening of other fruits, place an apple, with the unripe fruit, in a paper bag. Seal and make a few slits in the bag. Allow the bag to stand at room temperature for 2 to 3 days.” Who knew?
  10. If you want to make a tarte tatin, you need a cast iron pan. Fact. If you are feeling daring, you could use these mini ones to make individual tatins at your next dinner party. THAT would leave an impression!

We’ve got lots more tips...come on into the store and we can swap knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who came to our 20th anniversary extravaganza on Saturday; it was a wonderful event for all of us here at MSK. Stay tuned for more events and promotions this fall!
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