Vermont author pens new novel set in Vermont

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Katharine Britton

A review of Wild Mountain

Wild Mountain by Nancy Hayes Kilgore is, in part, a love story. Kilgore writes artfully about the uncertainty, excitement, and pain of incipient romance, like that between characters Mona and Frank, and Erica and Jake. And equally well about the less volatile but more satisfying and durable bonds between established couples, such as Wild Mountain’s Roz and Heather. 

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The characters are not the only recipients of Kilgore’s keen eye and deeply felt prose. Her descriptions of the Vermont landscape are vivid and accurate, and belie the author’s love for Vermont: the setting for the novel. Her writing throughout is lyrical, and her images often startling. Sunshine “streaks” through trees; spring “pulses invisibly.”

Her characters are so well drawn they will appear familiar to those who live in northern New England. As will the issues the citizens of Wild Mountain wrestle with: ice dams in the spring, bridge washouts, opposing views at town meetings, same sex marriage.

The tension and mystery in the novel deepen when Mona’s ex-husband turns up in town and starts sending her threatening notes - just as Roz and Heather’s farm stand is burned to the ground, and the people of Wild Mountain try to uncover who set the fire, and why.

 Wild Mountain was published by Green Writer’s Press, which is dedicated to “giving voice to writers and artists who will make the world a better place.” In Wild Mountain Nancy Hayes Kilgore is an artist who has done just that.

Wild Mountain is available at the Norwich Bookstore and wherever books are sold.

Katharine Britton is the author of three novels, Her Sister's Shadow, Little Island, and Vanishing Time.


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