Norwich Public Safety Building Takes Shape

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As I was walking on Main Street and Hazen street, I noticed that the construction site for the Public Safety Facilities Building was in full swing and the building is starting to look like the drawings that are posted in the Community Room at the Town Hall.I thought this would make a nice story so I stopped in to see Herb Durfee, the Town manager and asked him 3 questions relative to this project. We also made an appointment to tour the facility and take a few photographs for my story. Photo credit belongs to Chad Finer who accompanied us on the tour.

Town manager Herb Durfee looks over the plans.

1. How is the project going?

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To date, the building construction is going well. The structure is up (walls, roof, framing), windows have been installed, ceiling sheet rock is in place, plumbing and electrical work is being "roughed in", and most site work is completed. During the coming couple of weeks, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work will continue. In addition, roofing work (shingles) should be completed. Besides construction work, town and building officials continue to meet every two weeks to discuss the project's status and to carry out other responsibilities (e.g., conducting furniture/furnishing bidding process, selecting interior product material, colors, etc., and fine tuning decisions concerning alarms, locks, evidence lockers, etc.)

Sheetrock is on the ceiling . . .

. . . and the walls are going up.

2. Are you on schedule? 
The project remains on schedule (i.e., anticipated completion of all work such that the Fire Department and Police Department will be fully functional on site by the end of January 2018 / early February 2018. And, so far, the project remains within budget.

The plumbers have been busy.

The electricians are on the job.

3. Have you had any major changes to the original plan? 
Generally, no, there have not been any major changes to the original plan. But, the Town has worked closely with several neighbors to help address some concerns. Those concerns focus on protecting some mature trees, developing a plan to better screen the project from specific vantage points, moving the building 7' southerly to help address some of the issues (e.g., tree protection), changing the color of the building, and addressing some infrastructure concerns—waterline, power line, and oil/grit separator.

There will be a follow-up story at a later date.

One of the crew from Lewis Baker construction.

The exterior of the building.


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