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Our second reading takes us along a path and teaches us the wisdom of restraint

Welcome to the newest installment of WRJ Tarot Musings!

This time I'm using the deck that the original blogger used, the Tarot of the Time Being. This is a unique deck featuring artwork by Steve Kilbey of the band The Church. It has variant suit names (Spirits = Swords, Earth = Pentacles, Songs = Cups, Flame = Wands) and some other noteworthy features like an extra Lovers variant card, and a return to the early tarot tradition of  leaving the Death card unnamed. I find it a very interesting, and at times, challenging deck to work with.  Let's see what it can tell us.
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1- Universe/big picture: 8 of Spirits- Lost  - how do you get back on track?  Assess the situation and figure out what questions to ask to find your role.

2- querant's point of view: 4 of Spirits- Truce - finding a point to rest, regroup, re-assess, and see if the situation needs further action. After a break to renew perspective

so far the cards seem to play off of each other- let's see what happens when they meet

3- meeting of cards 1 and 2: 7 of Earth- Abandon -but what do we abandon?  Something in order to continue on the path?  Or the path itself?  Decide what is worth it

4- active influence: 9 of Spirits- Guilt Trip- carrying unnecessary burdens. This can lead to other obstacles, either directly, or by sublimating or  trying to compensate for the guilt.  Is this what's to be abandoned in card 3?

5-passive influence:9 of Songs- Imitation not necessarily a bad things, questions of authenticity, originality, or accessibility may arise, but one takes something and makes it one's own.  We'll see if further cards can shed more light on the role this one plays in the spread. 

6- current- where things are going:9 of Earth, Tranquility - perhaps we can direct our journey on our path here?  Careful gain, lessons learned on the path applied? 

7- editorial comment: Apocalypse-  Not as bad as it sounds when one takes in to account that the literal definition of the word is "Revelation". In other decks, this is Judgement- the end of the old world leads to the birth of the new- something that a revelation can bring about. perhaps this comes along the path, leading to tranquility?  We're nearing the home stretch of this reading, let's see what else we can learn here by looking at Will and Desire. 

8- Will or its means of manifestation: King of Earth- Much power, and ambition, but restrained by the means of exercising this power. This may not be a bad thing, as control could be lost if restraint is lost as well. 

9-Desire or its means of manifestation: Heirophant- who acts as teacher and as conduit to the Divine, but must shape the Divine in to comprehensible form in order to translate it to others. As such, one can only aid in others' discovery, rather than convey it directly. Again, questions of restraint as a necessary thing are implied.  

leading us to...

10- meeting of 8 and 9  2 of Earth: Change-the influence of something new, whether positive or negative, resulting in a transformation.  And by bringing in something new, something old passes away. Or is abandoned? 

We have equal balances of earth and air in this reading, two traditionally opposed elements are in balance this time, thinking and the material world- thought brought in to action?  One card representing water, only a minor influence of emotion. A total lack of fire, which can represent will or creativity. Two spirit, so some archetypal influence, but most of the forces here come from thinking and manifestation.Interesting given how much subconscious activity is implied from cards 4, 5, and 6. 

Key card here is Strength- harnessing raw power in to usable force that one can direct under will. This seems to play off of cards 8 and 9. Power doesn't do a lot of good unless one directs it towards a goal. 

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