They're Back: Enfield Scarecrows

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The Enfield Scarecrows have emerged from their home in the basement of Enfield NH's Greeley House to once again charm and occasionally alarm the town's residents and visitors. 

Eloping . . .

The project began about 5 years ago and is sponsored by the Beautification Committee of the Enfield Village Association. The scarecrows appear each year in mid-September and remain until shortly after Halloween. There are approximately 100 of them scattered throughout the village. 

Readers in front of the town library

Linda Zoller-McKibbin is a long-time supporter of the project and the official caretaker. The scarecrows' clothing wears and fades each season; Zoller-McKibbin credits the generosity of the Methodist Thrift Store in helping to keep the scarecrows looking their best. Some of them are business-themed--scarecrow couples getting married at the local church, another doing laundry at the town laundromat, complete with clothes pinned to a clothesline. There is a police officer scarecrow in front of the police station. Others can be found biking and hiking on the Rail Trail and scattered throughout Enfield Center and along Routes 4 and 4A.

The town beach: bather (foreground) and lifeguard (background)

People can be forgiven for failing to look closely enough at these realistically dressed figures. In past years, a scarecrow near the hardware store had been placed too near a crosswalk. It had to be moved because some drivers would come to a stop to allow it to cross the street. A recent Facebook post showed some canine reactions of dogs sniffing and barking at the intruders. The rest of us hope we won't be so fooled, but you never know. 

Thank you to Linda Zoller-McKibbin, Harry Trumbull, and Kimberley Smith Quirk for their help on this article. 

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Susan B. Apel, writer, ArtfulEdge

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