LISTEN employees save pregnant OD victim in WRJ parking lot

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Training with Narcan proves vital

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Fast action by employees and volunteers at the LISTEN center who recently had been trained on how to administer the anti-opiate medication Narcan saved the life of a pregnant woman who overdosed on heroin in the parking lot of their popular charity thrift store Wednesday afternoon.

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    The woman, who had her young daughter in the backseat of her car when the incident took place, is in her late-twenties and is from the Barre area.  She was slowly regaining consciousness at the scene and is expected to survive.

Michelle Hayward (left with hands raised) was the first to realize what was happening

    Multiple doses of Narcan were applied by the LISTEN staffers then by arriving Hartford police officers and finally by a Hartford Ambulance crew who eventually transported the woman to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

    Friends of the woman told police that she had driven her mother to an appointment at the nearby Probation & Parole offices on Prospect Street and then had dropped a friend off to go shopping at LISTEN when the overdose occurred.

Hartford Police Officer Logan Scelza was the first responder to arrive with additional Narcan

    LISTEN volunteer Michelle Hayward was working in the store portion of the complex shortly before 3 p.m. when some women running back-and-forth to an SUV in the parking lot caught her eye.  Hayward said that when she saw the driver with her head rolled back and another woman was slapping her as if to try and wake her up she went outside to assist but was initially told they didn't want any help.

    "The girl was saying it was just a seizure and nothing was wrong and telling me to go away," Hayward recalled, but Hayward said she wasn't buying it so "I ran and got Barb and we worked as a team."

    Barbara Pecor, the manager of the White River LISTEN and her pack of helpers sprang into action, grabbed several doses of Narcan they had hanging on a nearby shelf for just such an occasion and ran to the parking lot.

    "I made all of my employees take a seminar on how to use it because it's White River Junction," Pecor said with a knowing shrug of her shoulders.  

Hartford Officer Eric Clifford helped search the woman's SUV to make sure there weren't any drugs remaining

    Just last week another woman came within inches of death during an overdose that took place on Maple Street opposite the Hartford Town Hall which is just a stone's throw from the LISTEN center.

    Police located a needle inside the door pocket of the SUV but did not find any additional heroin in the vehicle.  Pecor said that in the initial stages there was another unidentified woman who was at the car who "took off on foot down the street" once the commotion started and 911 was called.

The woman, who is from the Barre area, had her young daughter in the backseat when she overdosed

Hartford firefighters cared for the young girl until she could be turned over to her grandmother

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