Water Your Plants – TODAY!

We’ve had a week or more of dry weather, including some very hot days. I know cool weather is forecast, but plants in pots – including those chrysanthemums on the front steps – need to be watered. Plants give off water through stomata, or pores on their leaves, and if that water is not replaced, they suffer.

Mums in pots need water, today!

I have read that a plant that goes completely dry may survive after a watering, but it may take a week or two before it starts to regain its vigor and continue growing. They shut down, to conserve water.

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Some plants never recover from a bout of drought. A rosemary that goes completely dries out, for example, is dead. No second chance. I’ve done that with them in March when, after a winter of relative dormancy indoors, they begin to grow and need more water. Ouch!

Rosemary plants in the ground almost never dry out completely.

If you see a plant that has limp leaves, it’s telling you it’s in trouble. I like a watering supplement called SUPERthrive. It is made of water, plant hormones and seaweed extracts. It is great for reducing stress. A 4 ounce bottle costs around $10, but just a teaspoon of this stuff is needed for 3 gallons of water. It is quite remarkable how much it helps. Available at garden centers.

So get your hose or watering can and give needy plants some help if Mother Nature doesn’t. Do this even if the weather cools off, unless we get rain. 

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