Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month

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Bring out that inner child of yours!

Although September is Self-Care Awareness Month, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t practice self-care ALL YEAR LONG. 

Self-care can be a hazy term, but basically what it means is doing YOU first. 

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Here are 5 ideas for practicing self-care. 

1. Make A Meal

Block out an hour or two at the end of your workday and make yourself a home-cooked meal. Make what your are craving. Not what you think you should eat. Trying to eat more Kale, but you really want that mac and cheese? Hello Kale Mac and Cheese! 

2. Get off social media and turn off your news notifications

What is happening in the rest of the world, although important, can wait. Focus on what makes you happy and do that. Snuggle with your furry pal or call your best friend. 

3. Get outside

Find a friend, a furry friend, or go by yourself. Fresh air is a perfect way to clear the mind and your body will thank you. 

4. Make a List 

Make a list of activities that make you happy. Love game nights? Reach out to friends or family to schedule one. Love taking photos, but never seem to have the time? Wake up early and go on an adventure. Whenever you have free time go back to your list for ideas. 

5. Bring out that inner child

Do something you loved to do as a kid. Make cookies, jump in piles of leaves or color! Here are a few adult coloring books you can find locally at Nature Calls/Bonkers.

How do you practice self-care? Share your ideas by commenting. 

This post is sponsored by Nature Calls/Bonkers in Lebanon, NH. 


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