Does your kid love Algebra?
Frank D'Aprile

If so, they probably don't need a tutor and you won't need
to contact me or some other experienced algebra teacher for academic support.
But if your kid is one of the many who says, "When am I ever going to need this stuff?", well, perhaps I can help. Not because I can answer that question for them in the limited time I may work with them,  but because I can help them develop theskills needed to master algebraic processes. And just as importantly, I canhelp them develop confidence in their ability to learn math through the use ofconsistent mathematical study skills and visual organization of their work. Asa matter of fact, I apply that same philosophy towards younger math students aswell, which I believe pays off tremendously as they progress towards secondaryschool.

I've been teaching or tutoring math since 1975, and I
specialize in middle school math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry. I
retired last year, after having taught elementary, middle school and highschool students of all abilities, in public and private school classrooms, inspecial education learning centers, in large and small groups, and one on one.I will provide references upon request. Here is a link to my resume:

(BTW, if you care, I earned a 780 on my Math SAT and an 800
on my Quantitative GRE. Being able to "do" math is good; being able
to teach it is a learned skill.)

I am available either on a recurring basis or just now and
then. I can tutor in your home  or at a
public library if you secure a private study room. (You might have to pay afee. Howe charges $2.00 per hour.)

Since I'm independently wealthy (NOT!), my rates are
$35/hour for one student, $40/hour for two students, and (if we have the room)
$45/hour for three students.  Sometimesa crowd is more fun. Actually, most of the time.

I can tutor weekday afternoons/early evenings and also
weekend (and vacation) mornings. Phone call sessions with image exchanges
(emailed jpeg attachments, usually) are available (after initial"live" tutoring so I can evaluate the student's learning style) at arate of $10.00 for ten minutes.

I can be reached at  Good luck and health to you and yours.

Frank D'Aprile

AKA Mister Dee -

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