PHOTOS: Head-on collision on Lyme-Hanover town line

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Older couple sent to the hospital

LYME, NH - A head-on collision mid-afternoon on Friday sent an older couple to the hospital for evaluation of what were believed to be relatively minor injuries considering that the impact destroyed both vehicles.

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    "It appears that the northbound vehicle, which is the gray BMW, was traveling in the southbound lane when the operator of the southbound vehicle crested the hill and both cars collided head-on," Lyme Police Chief Shaun O'Keefe explained at the scene shortly after the 3:30 p.m. crash.

    The collision occurred on River Road which, as the name suggests, parallels the bank of the Connecticut River right at the Hanover-Lyme town line and it drew a large response from police and fire departments from both towns.

    "This stretch of road is fairly straight except for this little dip right here," Chief O'Keefe noted, "The operator of the southbound vehicle couldn't get away.  It was either get hit or swim so I'm glad he chose to stay in the road."

    O'Keefe said the middle aged man driving the white SUV and the couple, who are in their 70s, are all local residents and their names will likely be released later on Friday afternoon.    

    "The operator (of the white SUV) was evaluated extensively by EMS and by the the medical director from DHMC at the scene and he was cleared to go home," O'Keefe said.

A Lyme officer walks to the scene with Lyme Chief Shaun O'Keefe

    Although there was a strong odor of wine in the air around the wreckage, O'Keefe said that appeared to be only a coincidence since the couple had a case of chardonnay in their trunk.

    "The case is all smashed up which is why it stinks," O'Keefe explained, noting, "There's nothing obvious inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle that would lead me to believe me they were drinking.  Everything was all locked up in the trunk."

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