A new reading by a new blogger

First reading under new management!

For the purposes of this blog, I will be doing general readings for DailyUV's readership, rather than addressing specific matters for specific people.  If the reading speaks to you, then the message was clearly meant for you.

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I will be using different decks for this blog, and perhaps occasionally using different forms of cartomancy from time to time.  For this reading, I'm using the Thoth deck.

The spread that you see here was designed by a friend of mine and is my default spread.

On to the reading...

First card- Universe: this represents the big picture. Interestingly, this time we have Aeon (Judgement in other decks).  This represents less an ending of the world than the rebirth and beginning of a new world. In a non literal sense, it could indicate something along the lines of a change in worldview, which is our experience of the world and therefore in a sense our world itself.

Second card, the individual's point of view of the first card:  Four of Swords.  This can represent a need to step back from a situation and rest a little in order to renew perspective on it.  The connection with the first card seems clear.

This card- the point of meeting between cards one and two: High Priestess. This represents intuition and the subconscious. The connection is less clear but my impression is that this could represent the point of retreat indicated by the second card, to fall back in to the subconscious and let that process work on the situation

Fourth card, active influences on the situation or the individual: Emperor. a very active card indeed, forceful but with the risk of taking that forcefulness too far.  The Emperor could be a great, active, leader, or overly willful and childish. Or could be a mixture of the two. This could represent the individual or something/someone  in the individual's life. Either way, this could perhaps  represent the need for rest - too much activity or some force to step away from.

Fifth card, passive influences on the situation or the individual: Eight of Wands. another active card, representing a literal or metaphorical journey. This seems to connect to cards one and four in particular

Sixth card, where the situation is heading or can be directed to: Four of Wands.  This represents an ending and a new beginning, but one that is celebrated. This definitely seems to play off of the first card.

Seventh card, I like to call this one the editorial comment: Six of Wands.  A victory accomplished with the aid of others.  Perhaps connected to cards four and five, as well as one and six?

Eighth card, Will, or its means of manifestation: Eight of Cups. representing distillation of what is valuable to one's self in some way from the past while leaving that which is not valuable behind.  Continuing the theme of the first and sixth cards?

Ninth card, Desire, or its means of manifestation: King of Coins- he King here has much power at his fingertips, but is limited by the means to exercise his power.  This i see as representative of the desire itself. The object of the active forces represented by the fourth and fifth cards?

Tenth card, union of Will and Desire. 5 of cups.  Interpreted as disillusionment, which sounds bad until you realize that that ultimately means loss of illusions.  I see this as linked with the transformations implied by the first card, bringing the reading full circle.

The key card indicated by this reading is the Chariot (I placed this in the lower right corner of the spread). The Chariot is also a card about journeys, motion, and activity, with a goal/destination in mind. The connection seems obvious. 

Breaking down the suits, we have three major arcana, representing spirit, so archetypal presences, with Aeon and High Priestess seeming especially strong here due to the nature of those two cards, and how the place where the Priestess falls in the reading as part of the synthesis made up of the first and second cards, therefore directly linking two of the majors in the spread, and the Emperor immediately following the Priestess in the spread. Much seems to still be in the formative stages. 

We have three Wands too, in a row for the fourth, fifth, and sixth cards. Wands represent creative energy and will, which one could see as deriving from the archetypal. Four representing formative, taking shape but not yet manifested (also note that there are three cards numbered four in the spread, more than of any other number), five being focus of energy by will, and  six being the archetypal as it connects to the individual, the positions seem to back this up.

Two Cups, representing emotional or subconscious forces, one representing the synthesis of two cards, one of those being the other Cups card. 

So, this was my first reading for this blog. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions about it, and I'll be all to happy to answer. 

See you next week!

WRJ Tarot Musings out. 


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