What You Should Know If You've Just Moved

Submitted a year ago

Questions from a Millennial

Insurance can be confusing. With home, auto and life it can be hard to keep straight what is covered and what isn't. This blog is here to help educate you about the ins and outs of insurance. 

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Our first question is from a millennial that just recently moved. 

Q: I've just moved towns from a more rural area, to a town with more traffic. (I mean it's still the Upper Valley. Not a big city). Does this mean I need to let my car insurance company know? How might this affect my rate? 

Ken Parker: It really depends on where you moved from and to.  For example, from out of state to Vermont.  Yup!  Rates for insurance are promulgated on the experience a company has in a particular state, town or even neighborhood. 

Usually if you move from one state to another you need to replace your auto insurance with a policy that’s written in accordance with the laws of the state where you’ve moved to.  Most states require new residents to do this as well as register the vehicle within the first six months of residency in the new state.  If you move within a state you should notify the company or agency of your new location. 

Rates vary from town to town or region to region and it could be less expensive (or more so) to insure your vehicle in one town versus another.

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