A new take on an ages-old theme. Goose-egg sculpture by Allie McCleary of Gray, ME.

Eee-gg-ads! The Great Goose Egg Auction is Almost Here!

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Dave Celone

Ovoid Art for Any Eggcentric or Any Art Lover

Peek inside for an eggstra special surprise!

“You haven’t lived,” says artist and children’s book illustrator Rebecca Thornburgh, “until you’ve painted on the ovoid chalky-smooth surface of a goose egg.” And Thornburgh should know, as she’s painted on a number of goose eggs through the years, as well as an emu egg, and this year, the “moon-specked surface” of an ostrich egg. Her “Magic Castle” is a little bit Escher, a little bit fun-house mirror, and whole lot of quirky Thornburgh, with friendly monsters hanging out in luminescent colorful windows amidst a gray, curvy ostrich-egg castle. 

Eggceedingly colorful and fun for all ages!

Why such unusual “canvases”? To delight art colleggtors everywhere, and to support a small independent school with a long history of creativity and eggcellence, Open Fields School in Thetford, Vermont, in what is arguably the most eggcentric art auction in New England: the Great Goose Egg Auction. And artists of all sorts – from Caldecott-winners and MacArthur Fellows to Open Fields alumni/ae and illustrious local artists – have painted, drawn, sculpted, and otherwise transformed eggs for auction over the years, combining fine art and whimsy, and a nearly ineggsaustible supply of puns. 

An eggstremely bright spotlight on, what else, EGGS!

Nearly 45 years after Caldecott Medal winning artist Trina Schart Hyman illustrated the Elizabeth Coatsworth poem “The Secret” for the very first issue of Cricket Magazine, and just over 20 years after a parent’s donation of 100 blown goose eggs prompted Hyman to hatch an eggstravagant fundraising idea, paper artist and model-maker Rebecca Dudley put the two together with her lovely diorama-in-an-egg tribute to Hyman’s illustration. Titled “The Secret,” Dudley’s work is a cut-paper reimagining of the scene within a lilac hedge, with a tiny paper table, chair, and book, eggzecuted within a blown-out goose egg, with a hole in the front for viewing and a hole at the top for lighting – and it is an eggsquisite, magical little self-contained world that beautifully conveys that sense of a secret place. 

No eggaggerating, this will be the best auction of the year!

There’s bound to be an egg to please any palette, so to speak – from the hair-lace-and-bead images created by Open Fields alumna Erica Layton, to the “White Whale” whales’ tails of Caldecott Medalist Ed Young; from the intricate threadwork buttons of local artist Merit Scotford to the hatching dragons of illustrators Theresa Brandon and Mary Jane Begin.

After many years in several New Hampshire locations, the Great Goose Egg Auction will be held in White River Junction, Vermont for the first time, at the centrally-located Newberry Market on Main St., near the shops, restaurants, and other downtown attractions, during Indigenous People’s Day weekend (October 6-7). This year’s events will feature an Opening Eggshibition during the now nearly-infamous October "First Friday" celebration of events, from 4:30-8:00 pm on October 6. The doors will open again on Saturday, October 7 at 11:30 am for the 1:00 pm auction. Absentee bids are accepted at the Opening or through the school’s website, www.openfields.org. If you can’t attend but want all the eggcitement of the live auction process, you can sign up for telephone bidding by advance arrangement. 

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You might also have a look at the front window of Long River Gallery & Gifts. just  few strides farther along WRJ's So. Main Street, during the week prior to the Auction for some cool previews of a few of the eggs!  Take a peek.  Gggee...you might just find yourself eggstremely eggcited to get yourself to the Auction and have an eggstraordinarily grand time!


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