PHOTOS: Overdose next door to Hartford Town Hall

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Fast action by Probation & Parole officers saves a life

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Probation & Parole officers kicked in the door of an apartment on Maple Street right across from Hartford's Town Hall over the noon hour on Tuesday in a move that ultimately saved the life of a 28-year-old woman who'd overdosed on heroin.

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    The victim, described as a probationer with a history of heroin involvement who had nonetheless been doing well lately while holding down a full-time job, was overdue for work and had not answered her door for hours when her mother became sufficiently concerned that she flagged down a van full of probation officers that happened to be traveling past on Route 14 since their office is nearby.

    After forcing their way into the apartment and discovering the comatose victim, the officers dialed 911 and Hartford Police Officer Mitch Cable arrived within moments and delivered the first of what would be several slugs of Narcan that eventually restored the woman's normal breathing pattern, Hartford Police Major Brad Vail explained later in the afternoon.

A probation officer flags down an approaching Hartford Ambulance

    "All of our officers now carry Narcan and he was there before the EMTs," Major Vail recalled, adding "Apparently she was given quite a few more doses afterwards and they got her to come to."

    Hartford firefighters also responded with an ambulance and an engine crew and transported the woman to an area hospital where she was reportedly recovering Tuesday afternoon.

    "It seems like there has been a bit of a lull lately but there could have been overdoses that have gone unreported because now folks can resolve themselves with their own Narcan but as far as the EMTs being called there's been a little bit of a lull, thank god," Major Vail concluded.

Hartford Assistant Fire Chief Alan Beebe and Hartford Police Major Brad Vail arrive on the scene


Hartford EMTs head into the multi-unit apartment house which is rented by Probation & Parole

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