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Picking Your Own

Here in the Upper Valley, we are used to our farms and stands opening from spring through the fall.  I must, however, thank Elena and Julie of Juel Smoothies for introducing me to a recently discovered charming farm in Plainfield called Riverview Farm at 141 River road.  These two young ladies recently got some blueberries from Riverview Farm and were so excited with their depth of taste.  The farm is open from 'August-October' from Monday to Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Paul and Nancy Franklin own Riverview and with the help of family members, they have created a technicolor dream of pick-your-own-fruit at this time of year.  A glance at their website reveals fruit photography at its best and the next most logical  step would be to visit and start picking. Along with Juel's selection of blueberry offerings, the farm now has Honeycrisp apples just ripening for picking; yet, you may also be tempted by the Zestar or Paula Reds and beloved McIntosh. The currant season has passed, but imagine picking your own globe amaranth, celosia, salvia or sunflowers!

At their Barn Store, you might opt for a doughnut and a cup of cider before deciding to venture into the corn maze.  (On the  28th and 29th of October a special Haunted Corn Maze in the evening might be the perfect way to greet Halloween this year.)  Local Gary Hamel is the 'artist in residence' of this unique maze featuring his work for over twenty years. He has exhibited around the country in galleries and museums and Riverview counts itself as quite blessed looking forward to new stories and art every year in the maze.

There are hayrides up to some of the orchards, and on weekends, horse-drawn wagon rides provide another adventurous means to see the farm in all its glory.  At this time of year, with the leaves just beginning to turn, this strikes me as a charming fall activity.  If you brought a picnic lunch you could also choose one of the tables overlooking the Connecticut River on the other side of the barn.  Do you have friends or family coming to visit?  This is a venue that will bring out the fun and smiles in just about everyone.

By the way, I also bought some of their jams, which are just about the BEST fruit concoctions I’ve ever tasted.  The blueberry and the raspberry-currant are just rich perfection straight from picking to the sweet little jars.

Click here to introduce yourself to Riverview, but by all means make the unvirtual visit!

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