Fried Fall Radishes

Each August I plant some fall radishes. The variety I plant is called ‘Red Meat’ and I get the seeds from Johnnys Selected Seeds in Maine. Unlike most radishes that are red on the outside and white inside, these are white or greenish on the outside and red inside. Some folks also call them watermelon radishes because they are colored like watermelons.

Red Meat radishes are generally pretty mild.

The great thing about these radishes, for me, is that they are not particularly spicy. I love hot peppers, but don’t like hot radishes. Usually I can eat these raw like a carrot, or serve them with a vinaigrette sauce with other raw veggies. But not this year. The weather, which always affects the heat of veggies, conspired to make my red meat radishes too hot for my eating pleasure.

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But then I remembered what the French do: they sauté them in butter or olive oil. So I did, too. I cut them in quarter inch slices and fried them in a black cast-iron skillet on medium to low heat. That took out the kick and turned them into a pleasant vegetable.

This little radish grew in deep, rock-free soil and grew a root 12 inches long!

You can only grow red meat radishes in late summer and fall. If you plant the seeds in spring, they will bolt and go to seed. Oh, and these radishes do not get woody and bitter if you let them grow big. Plant the seeds 2 inches apart in loose soil, full of compost and they'll be ready to eat in about a month. 

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