Should A Blogger Get To Have This Much Fun?

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Mark Travis

I know I should be a bigger person than this, but I'm jealous of Katie Donovan and her DailyUV blog, which is all about having fun in the Upper Valley. I do get to work at DailyUV, which is fun ... but is it as much fun as wandering the area just looking for good restaurants with outdoor seating? I don't think so, at least not when it's warm out.

Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy learning a bit more about Katie, the Upper Valley's foremost fun-ster.

You’re an Upper Valley native! Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Claremont and loved walking the ATV and rail trails.  I also have fond memories of attending Thursday big band concerts in Broad Street park with my mom.  We recently attended one after many years this summer. I was so excited to hear Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa, a song I remember loving as a kid.

What’s the best change that’s happened in the Upper Valley since you were a child?

The access of information! The internet has opened a world of opportunities and information tailored to the Upper Valley that I had no idea about! I think Facebook groups have been wonderful in bringing people together to provide a resource of information about services, events, and announcements.  

And what’s one thing you wish hadn’t changed?

Hmm ... I can’t think of anything. I love the Upper Valley, but I had lots of fun learning about all that has changed from others who live here.

Your blog is all about having fun in the Upper Valley. Has writing it helped you have more fun in the Upper Valley?

Absolutely! I always wanted to find more things to do in the area, like a go-to list when I’m bored and that’s what I’ve tried to start with my blog. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. I try new things, explore, and get out of the house. I learned about new restaurants to try, figured out why my jam never set while taking a Blake Hill Preserves Class, discovered many beautiful and relaxing walks, and watched a reenactment for the first time at Fort 4. I also have had the opportunity to meet and talk with local business owners in my travels from the Spice Store, Infuse Me, and Silo Distillery, and brings me back to my college newspaper writing days and reminded me how much I loved interviewing people. I’m excited for what this year holds for me in my new adventures while enjoying some old ones like the Plainfield Pumpkin People.


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