Let's Take The Stairs

Encouraging the use of stairs through art at DHMC.

It’s no surprise that Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center also doubles as a robust art gallery. For those who have spent time walking the long and winding halls of DHMC, you know there is always more art to stumble upon. In an effort to encourage less elevator use and more use of the stairs, Dartmouth teamed up with local artists Kathy Parsonnet and Kim Wenger Hall, to bring beauty into the infrequently used stairwells. 

It was pretty much a coincidence that these two began working together. Hall explains, “Kathy was Dartmouth’s artist in residence at the time and she was doing a workshop in the lobby. We started chatting about art and hit it off. I had experience doing bigger murals, so we ended up collaborating on the project. We had a blast working together.” 

Over the course of a little more than two years, starting in 2007, Parsonnet and Hall completed a total of twelve murals. Before the completion of the project Dartmouth installed motion detectors to track any change in behavior. Once the murals were completed they saw an increase in folks taking the stairs. What a success!

Let’s take a tour shall we?

One of Kim's favorites!

A local touch done by Kathy.

“People talk about how much they love them. It is very rewarding to hear this, “ Kim adds. 

The project was funded by Dartmouth’s Live Well, Work Well Program, which works to “improve and maintain the health and well-being of Dartmouth-Hitchcock employees and their families.” 

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