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Art in the Heart of WRJ

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White River Junction is a treasure trove of interesting finds. In recent years, the downtown area has become a bastion for food and art. Buildings have shed their industrial pasts and now house a wonderful myriad of artists and foodies.

This past year, I had the pleasure of meeting Anna, an artist who has come to call WRJ and the Long River Gallery home (see Dave Celone’s post on how). Anna is a shy and unassuming individual whose humble demeanor belies her incredible creativity and talent. Many of her pieces are inspired by elements of the natural world. Like that world, her work is ever evolving. She uses a wide variety of mediums and is constantly experimenting with new ways to create and bring her pieces to life. Each work is rich with detail and beckons you to take a moment to examine it and appreciate the story that it’s trying to tell.

In my first post, I mentioned that I’d be trying something new. Here goes. This post is over, but our adventure is just about to begin. Humor me and do the following:

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  1. Download the Tip Tour app (iOS / Android)
  2. Head to WRJ and visit the Long River Gallery
  3. Say hi to Anna if she’s there and ask her about the stories behind her work
  4. If Anna isn’t around, or if she’s busy, find her pieces in the gallery and use the app to listen to the story behind each of them
  5. Bring some art home and support an awesome set of artists and the growing renaissance in WRJ!


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