Things They Don't Tell You About Being An Adult

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Does an oven clean itself, like a cat?

It is hard to be a millennial, it is hard to be a millennial in the Upper Valley. But, it would be easier if someone would just provide us with a user manual. That cannot be too much to ask. As a child, I could not wait to grow up. I could work, spend my own money, stay up all night, and eat whatever I wanted. That is simply not the case. If I stay up all night, I’ll be useless at work. If I spend all my money on fun stuff, I’ll have to live on the streets. If I eat whatever I want, I’ll be in a sugar coma an miss work.

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Here’s some things I have not learned in the 26 years I’ve been on this planet:

How often do you wash your sheets? Can you wash a pillow?

Do you HAVE to clean the fridge? Or do you just move out when it starts to smell?

Should I be checking my credit score?

How much money are you supposed to save weekly? How do I save money, when online shopping is wonderful?

Are all fruits created equal in the world of health?

The best by date on the milk, what if I still drank it?

The “check air light” has been on in my car for like three months, is that a problem?

Can you go to Planned Parenthood for everything? What about dental work?

Is rental insurance important? What if all my items collectively are worth less than $1,000?

Sometimes life teaches you strange, wondrous concepts, all on its own. Here are the things I’ve learned without a manual:

Being Nice is Always the Right Answer:

When I was a kid, I often road with older people who screamed at other cars. It seemed cool to act with such passion for such a small matter. As an adult, I can see that acting in anger isn’t cool. It shows you cannot control your emotions. That’s cray cray. Who knows what that other driver is going through? Who knows what anyone is going through, auto response should be niceness.  

Keep Stuff To Yourself Sometimes:

I struggle with this often. At Christmas, I want to tell my partner what I got him, even before it is wrapped. Little surprises make life fun. Fun stuff makes life worth living. This goes for gossip too, if you hear a sweet rumor. Don’t share it. Nobody likes a busybody. Expect other busybodies, of course.

Try To Be Present:

Most people live life on autopilot, they miss small wonderful details. I commute about 45 minutes to work. Somedays that ride feels like 45 years. Some days it goes by in an instant. When I feel myself drifting from the moment, I try to push myself back into the moment by looking around me and appreciating one thing about the drive. This week, it’s been the beautiful changing leafs. Appreciate your co-workers, friends, the fast internet, the air conditioner, or the lunch you packed. Be in the moment.

Jobs Suck, Don’t Stay At One That Doesn’t Appreciate You:                                   

Everyone has to work, but do you need to do something where the people aren’t nice to you? No way! There are many jobs and many employers, if you have value to offer, someone will buy it.

Go Buy Groceries:

Living on Raman Noodles IS NOT AN OPTION. You’ll get fat, but first the sodium will kill you. The grocery store is a hopping place on the weekend, you can get a vegetable and maybe a date. Check it out! They play nice calm music and the bakery smells nice. Plus, sometimes samples.

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