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Mark Travis

I have never actually been a mom, but I am still a big fan of Lisa Nichols's DailyUV blog about mom-dom, which is called The Mothership. So funny! And, from at least this aging dad's perspective, so completely spot on. Her kids must think she's the coolest, right? You'll have to read on to find out.

What brought you to the Upper Valley?

Work! Before I moved here, I was teaching a writing course in Connecticut with no intention of leaving. But I saw a job posting I couldn’t resist, applied thinking I’d never get it, and ended up with an offer too good to pass up. 

We landed in White River in a heap. I was a mess. We lived on takeout and egg sandwiches for at least three months. But after a while I sort of stood up, looked around, and realized, “hey, it’s pretty great here.” 

As a mom, what’s the best thing about living here?

The sense of community in the Upper Valley is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. We’re each busy in our individual lives, but you always feel people are gently looking out for each other. 

It’s an ideal place for parents, because parents need friends. You need that person who will throw your kid in their car when you run late for a pickup, or that you can have over for coffee after a long week without feeling like you have to deep-clean your house. You need your people. The Upper Valley helps you find them. If you don’t feel like you’ve found yours, CALL ME. 

And what’s the hardest?

Ever tried to work from home during a snow day? I may or may not have participated in conference calls while locked in the bathroom. 

Do your kids read your posts?

If they asked, I’d let them. But I’ve held off simply because my posts are written for adults, and they are not adults. Also, I still have a few more years before they figure out I have no idea what I’m doing, and I’d like to preserve the fantasy as long as possible. 

Having said that, if a post involves something they said or did, I’ll always ask them first if it’s okay for me to write about it. I don’t think it’s fair to talk about them publicly without their approval. 

Does the fact that their mom is a really funny blogger make you any cooler in their eyes? Because that would be awesome.

Great question. Let’s go straight to the source for this one!

“Hey girls, do you think it’s cool that I write a blog?” 

(Both shrugging) “Meh.” 

There you have it, folks. Back to you, Mark!

You should really subscribe to follow Lisa's blog ... because apparently her kids aren't going to.

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