Oh My, Plums! Yum!

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The vagaries of plums

Getting good fruit is as uncertain, each year, as betting on getting dealt an inside straight. It’s pretty much impossible to know what the weather will dish out, and how it will affect the crop. This is a bumper year for my plum tree, but last year I got almost nothing.

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A lot of my plums split this year, however. That is probably due to too much rain when they were developing, especially as that followed a dry time. Nothing one can do about that, though I suppose some watering during the dry period might have helped. I basically feel that my trees should be able to take care of themselves when it comes to such. I prune them, and that’s about all I do.

Cracked plums were common this year

So aside from fresh eating, what do I do with a bumper plum crop? Two years ago I cut up plums and froze them, but found I didn’t really use the fruit – I still have some in my freezer.  

A great tool for slicing and peeling apples

Last night I made a pie. Yum! I cut out all the bad spots – plenty of those – and used 4 cups of plums, skins on, with an equal amount of apples in a pie. I added some sugar, cinnamon and lemon to the mix. The apples I processed with a nifty tool that peels and slices them.

Plum and apple go well together in a pie

I have 2 plum trees, and although both flowered, only one produced fruit. The other, an Elephant Ear, I believe, is pushing its luck. I’ve had it for nearly 20 years and have yet to get a plum. So far, it’s just decorative … and a good pollinator, I guess. Plums do best if 2 varieties are present. So I won’t ax it down, even though I do threaten it sometimes.

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