Photographs by Seth Goodwin at the Norwich Public Library

Seth Goodwin at the Norwich Inn (Photo by Demo Sofronas)

Norwich-based photographer Seth Goodwin assembled a collection of large landscape photographs for a show at the Norwich Public Library. He calls the exhibit "Spaces and Places."

Seth has been around cameras and photography since he was a kid working alongside his filmmaker/photographer father. What started as an avocation slowly grew into his current vocation as a professional photographer.

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Previously, Seth was a high school English and history teacher for twelve years. Before his classroom teaching he was an outdoor educator working at the Hulbert Outdoor Center and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). His field experience includes leading and teaching adults and teenagers on canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and skiing trips. 

Seth's areas of photographic interest include adventure, landscape, lifestyle, and travel. He offers photography and printing workshops to individuals and small groups, does freelance work, offers his images and prints for sale, provides digital darkroom processing, and makes fine art prints in his studio.

dailyUV spoke with Goodwin recently at the Norwich Inn

dailyUV - Can you share some about  the show?

Goodwin - It is a show of 12 landscape prints that are taken as close by as here in Norwich and one in Hanover and the rest are farther afield in places like Utah and Arizona. They are all large scale prints ranging from 24 x 32 to 30 x 45. The subject matter ranges from desert to forest and mountains and beaches.

dailyUV - Viewers will find these photos look different from what they might expect in a show of photographs. Can you explain why?

Goodwin - All of the prints in the show are Lumachromes. This is a unique printing and mounting process in which a large transparency print is mounted behind plexiglass, creating deep colors and rich black and white tones. 

dailyuv - Why is  Lumachrome printing special for you?

Goodwin: It tends to give a print like this, particularly this size, a lot of depth and clarity and the colors are quite bright and vibrant. It looks different than a traditional print mounted behind glass.

Patchen's Point, Norwich, VT

The opening reception for Goodwin's show will be in the community room of the Norwich Public Library on September 7 from 5 PM to 7 PM.  The exhibit runs through October 28.

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