Tip from the Ad Team: It's All About Content

Submitted a year ago
Created by
Rob, Chris and Aileen

With so many platforms, both local and non-local, how do I reach people locally? Do I need to advertise, or just post to Facebook? To Instagram? Twitter? The listserv? When do I post and WHAT do I even post? 

We hear these questions all the time. So here’s a secret: They matter less than you think. Because what do you really need? You need content. There are so many great stories waiting to be told about your business or organization: about what you do, who you are, what you care about.

Content — posts, events, even just a little note about something that happened today — gets remembered. It spark conversations. People share it and talk about it. Even better, the more content you put online, the more easily you’re found and noticed. 

We’ve built a platform for whatever you want to let the Upper Valley know about, and a dead-simple way to bring it all together in one place and then share it with the world. Think of it as your homepage on DailyUV. We’d love to show it to you, anytime. Just email us at ads@subtext.org if you're curious.


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