PHOTOS: Bernie in the park. Labor Day in WRJ

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A stemwinder of a speech on a perfect Vermont day

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Before he was a rockstar Bernie Sanders was just Vermont's other senator and on Monday he was the best of both when he treated the Trump-fatigued crowd at Lyman Point Park to a rousing rendition of his political worldview.

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    "Here we are, in White River Junction, Vermont, at a pivotal moment in world history!" Sanders thundered, "One of two things will happen:  Either Donald Trump will succeed in dividing us up...(a roar of "NO!" back from the crowd)...That is one vision of the future, but that is not going to happen because our vision for America is an America in which we stand together black and white and Latino, Asian American, Native American, gay and straight, male and female, old and young.  We are going to stand together.  We are going to create a nation, a government and an economy that works for all of us not just the few.  We are going to create a vibrant democracy where more and more people participate and debate the important issues facing this country.  That is our vision for the future and that is the vision that will prevail."

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