Thad Goodwin donated his services to help out the American Legion.

Two Good Samaritans (and Some Heavy Metal) Help the American Legion

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Google defines a Good Samaritan as a person who helps other people in time of need voluntarily without asking for anything in return.  Norwich is lucky to have many good Samaritans living here. 

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The Upper Valley experienced a severe rainstorm on Jun 30 which continued on July 1. The Valley News reported “Heavy rains swamp the Upper Valley damaging roads and cutting power in several upper valley towns.”

Norwich felt the impact of this storm and suffered a lot of road damage as well as flooding and power outages.

There were many people in Norwich who came forward to assist in all areas that were impacted. (You know who you are and congratulations for a job well done.)

This story is about the efforts of two local citizens, Thad Goodwin and Jay Van Arman, who came forward to help clean up the damage to the American Legion property on Beaver Meadow Road.

Blood Brook behind the American Legion Hall on Beaver Meadow Road flooded its banks and caused major damage to the trees which were swept away and knocked several trees onto the rear portion of the Legion property.  Rocks from the brook and sediment also filled the rear parking lot and grassy area used for picnics etc.

The membership at the Legion meeting voted to appeal for help in cleaning up the debris and returning the area to what it was before.

Several residents volunteered to assist in any way they could, however, either did not have the right equipment or the logistics did not work out right.

Thad Goodwin, the Town tree warden, donated his time/labor and heavy duty equipment to cut and remove the trees that had fallen on to the Legion property and also chipped and removed the debris.

Thad Goodwin clears trees and debris left behind by the flood.

Jay Van Arman assisted with the raking of the parking lot once the heavy rocks and sediment had been removed.  ( I was  away at the time and not able to get a photo however my sources say the story is what it is )

The "after" shot. Trees, rocks and debris are gone.


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