An Appreciation for Teachers at the Beginning of the Year

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Brad Choyt
I have been truly fortunate to spend much of the last twenty-four years in places where people care deeply about children and do everything possible to help them grow. So as we begin another school year, I wanted to pause and appreciate all that schools and the people who work in them do for our communities. And at this time of the year, I want to especially acknowledge classroom teachers.

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Supervising a classroom is hard work and inspiring students to learn is a great gift. For these reasons and many others, being a teacher is one of the most important professions anyone can have. After all, teachers impart a lifetime of influence on generations who will shape a changing world. I believe there is simply no nobler a profession.

Friends I know who work in other occupations occasionally share their uncertainties as they search for meaning in their careers. Sometimes it's hard to know if what one does professionally is making the world a better place. But I have never heard teachers question their sense of purpose in quite the same way. Instead, teachers often ponder how they can be more effective with their instruction or how they can guide students through an increasingly complex world. Ultimately, teachers wonder what will become of the students they serve. And when they do, every moment they have with students in their classrooms becomes incredibly precious. Yes, teachers are responsible for creating learning communities that change lives. And this awareness makes all of the hard work throughout each year worthwhile.

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