A Long Weekend in the Upper Valley

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Let the self care BEGIN.

Three days off in a row! What to do with this luxury of time. Many will spend it having the last cookout of the year, savoring the lingering warmth from summer. Others will hit the sales, my inbox has been overflowing with marketing flyers from area retailers claiming to have “BLOW OUT DEALS” this weekend. Others will be preparing their children for the start of a new academic year.

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Here are the ways I’d recommend cherishing this three day weekend:


It’s nice to ask yourself every now an again, “How are we doing?” Sometimes I respond to myself by saying, “Better if you’d let me eat some carbs and drink a bottle of wine!”. But, my inner self is sassy. Checking in on yourself can be pushed to the sidelines when work and life are both in full force. Take this opportunity to check in on yourself, than give yourself whatever you need. For me, it’s a whole bottle of wine. Maybe for you it is hitting the sale at JCP.

Enjoy the Outdoors:

It is going to be cold, very soon. Take this three day weekend to enjoy what is left of the warmth. Go for a jog, walk, or swim. Take a hike through the woods to enjoy the nearly changing leafs. Or sit on your porch drinking that bottle of wine, it counts as outside and you can go inside as soon as the bugs remember that wine is fantastic.


Doing nothing is sometimes the biggest part of doing self-care. We run around like headless chickens most of the time, this is the time to get your head back on right. Doing something that is really nothing, like watching non-stop episodes of Forensic Files on Netflix for six hours can prepare you for the next work week. Sometimes called a “Staycation”, but is more commonly called in my house, “Murder Show Marathon”.  

Spend Time with People You Enjoy:

Let’s not lie, you probably spend 40 hours a week with people you CANNOT stand. Take this opportunity to forget about them and spend actual time with people you like. Maybe that is your cat. This is a judge free zone.


I’ve also been told that calories don’t count on three day weekends, so remember that.


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