Belaya Noch (White Night). Large sculpture piece by Anna Hranovska Vincelette.

Russia, the Ukraine, and White River Junction, VT

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Dave Celone

An International Artist Opens Her Show

It's time. Ten years in the making. That was when her last show of sculpture and dolls was made public to great acclaim at a gallery in New York City. Since then, it's been small exhibits here and there in galleries and art festivals around Vermont and New Hampshire. The winding, twisty, oftentimes bumpy path Long River Gallery Artist in Residence Anna Hranovska Vincellete has traveled to get to White River Junction speaks volumes for the kind of global artistic talent that abounds around the Upper Valley region of VT and NH.

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Why are artists of such renown attracted to this region? Is it the natural beauty of the landscape? Is it the quiet of nature that allows and inspires them to create? is it the people who so celebrate the arts and help artists thrive? Is it the strength of community in this magical place we call the Upper Valley? Perhaps it's all of the above and more. Somehow, word trickled out in the artist community many decades ago that this region was a welcoming place for artists of all types  And, so, today we reap the benefits of what so many creative people have sown over the years.  World-class art, fine craft and furniture, sculpture that amazes, and so much more to excite our senses. Here, in the Upper Valley, we're living within a veritable color palette of art and artists that has few, if any, equal anywhere in the world.

Box, Box Turtle by Anna. Hi-fire clay. Look for the face embedded in its removable carapace!

Tomorrow evening, September 1 at 5:30 pm, Anna Hranovska Vincelette of White River Junction, VT will open her show titled "The Beauty of Clay" at Long River Gallery & Gifts. Much of her work is new, never seen before. It includes sculpture, wall relief, jewelry, and other fine objects made of clay. She's worked at Tip Top Pottery in WRJ, and at Earthstar Pottery in Hartland for many years, always pursuing her dreams and bringing them to life. She's taught pottery and sculpture, and continues to offer classes in low-fire clay sculpting at Long River Gallery & Gifts, And, lucky for all of us, Anna's is a dreamscape few can imagine or ever re-create.

From turtles with faces embedded on the backs of their carapaces, that also serve as cool little hiding places for precious objects and treasured pieces, Anna's work will entice and enthrall. Her wall relief sculptures are, to coin a phrase, works of art, each imparting its own special feelings to the observer. And her large, human figures riding such fanciful creature as a turtle, or a dragon, and even her lovely blue woman in a gondola riding atop a wave of Tchaikovsky's original score (imaged and re-produced on antique paper) of The Nutcracker, will pretty much put you in awe (to put it mildly). There is no understating the power of Anna's work.

A few photos are included here to whet your appetite, but there are so many more works in place in the Artist of the Month gallery space at Long River, this is one opening and show you won't want to miss.  Anna's work will show September 1st through the end of October.  And Sept. 1 is also a White River Junction First Friday celebration, so live music, local food, and all kinds of wonderful activities abound. Long River promises local cheeses and beverages like cider and juices to tickle the palate and get you feeling as artsy and into the local, yet global, art mindset and vibe as possible.

Jewelry by Anna. Clay and leather. Bold, stunning pieces that will capture attention.

For Anna, who was born in the Ukraine, then traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to show her art in the local markets and festivals there, her creativity has never flagged. She has continually drawn on her considerable reserves of imaginative feeling and the visions of faces of whimsy and fantasy that so grace her many sculpture pieces. We're fortunate she has chosen to take up residence among us mere mortals here in White River Junction.

Now it's our time to celebrate Anna and her artwork anew. 


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