Sword or Peacock Lilies Are Delightful

These Gladiola Relatives Are Fragrant and Long-Blooming

I like a gladiola relative called the Sword Lily, Peacock Lily, Peacock Orchid, or by its scientific names,  Gladiolus murielae or Acidanthera bicolor I have some I planted in a pot on the last day of April this year that are blooming now, and have been blooming for at least 3 weeks. 

Peacock lily is a gladiola relative

Peacock lilies are very satisfactory flowers: each bulb produces 6 to 12 blossoms, which open in sequence over a 3 to 4 week period. Each flower is 2 inches or more across and in the shape of a white star, with a dark eye in the center. Their stems are long – 36 to 42 inches long. The stems bend over slightly, allowing the blossoms to hang down.

The blossoms continue opening for weeks.

I planted 10 bulbs in a deep 12-inch wide pot . They are crowded, but make a nice mass of flowers in the pot. And they are quite fragrant.

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Gladiolas and Peacock Lilies do not survive our winters. They must be dug up and stored inside the house in a cool place where they will not freeze. Many of us buy tender bulbs over and over again, having left them in the ground over the winter. The solution? I’ll try to remind you to dig them up after the first hard frost.  Or set your digital calendar to remind you to dig them up in mid-October.

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