Class photo! Top, from left: Mitzi, Susan, and Nicole. Bottom, from left: Henry, Dave, and Dena.

A Tip of the Hat to Ye Olde Bloggers

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Here on DailyUV we're always talking about what's new -- new content feed, new location controls, new this, new that, yadda yadda -- and why not? We're always up to something new.

But sometimes we need to step back and celebrate what's olde.

As in really olde.

Very, very olde.

Almost older than when time began olde.

In our case, that would be six bloggers. All have been posting on DailyUV for 20 months or more, which makes them nearly TWO YEARS OLDE. Given that we didn't open the doors to bloggers until November 2015 -- 22 months ago -- that's saying something. 

In fact, it's saying a lot. One of these bloggers has published 220 posts on DailyUV. Can you guess who it is?

Susan Apel, author of ArtfulEdge, is a professor at the Vermont Law School by day and -- well -- a writer by other parts of the day, nights and weekends, too. Her focus on DailyUV is the arts in the Upper Valley, and she recently wrote about love, sex, and the Hall Art Foundation in Reading.

Nicole Antal, author of Very Vermont, is a back-to-the-lander, mom, and writer who was born and raised in Belgium and recently became a proud U.S. citizen. A year and a half ago, she broke a giant story about a wealthy Mormon engineer's plan to buy thousands of acres in the Upper Valley and create a utopian community here. She's still keeping readers updated.

Henry Homeyer, author of The Gardening Guy, is ... the gardening guy! He's an organic gardener who lives in Cornish and has been writing newspaper columns about gardening since 1998. That's a lot of great advice ... including how to steal potatoes without getting in trouble.

Dave Celone, author of Poetic Licence, is a freelance writer, poet, art gallery curator, and consultant. (And you thought you were busy!) He's busy as a blogger too, writing about the next big thing in WRJ, good Chinese restaurants in gas stations, and whatever else catches his eye.

Mitzi Cunningham, author of Weekend Wanderers, is your go-to resource for family-oriented weekend events and your parental "let's do something fun together" bucket list. Mitzi is as reliable as the calendar: If there's something for families going on this weekend, she's going to tell you about it.

Dena Testa Bray, author of Gathering Flavors, is all about sharing her love of food -- let's talk about steamed carrots! -- featuring recipes spiced with perspective on life.

We do appreciate their efforts, very much. They've all put hours into sharing what they're passionate about with readers in the Upper Valley. That's quite a gift, and they've done a lot to help bring DailyUV to life.

All told, we have more than 40 bloggers. Would you like to join the ranks? Just tell us what you have in mind.

p.s. Of these six bloggers, it's Susan Apel who has the most posts -- 220 and counting!

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