10 Signs You're Avoiding Fall

Submitted a year ago
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Kate Bascom

Fall is almost here. Are you avoiding it?

1.  You're stockpiling Camp Wannamangos and summer beers while giving side eye to the pumpkin and cranberry beers. 

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2. You've bought out the summer clothes sale with full intention of wearing shorts, tank tops, capris and sundresses for the foreseeable future.

3. There's rumors of frost but you haven't once considered putting away the convertible for the season.

4. The Dunkin Donut's barista questions you when you order an iced coffee.

5. You assure yourself that the cooler temps are just a cold snap and not a sign of the changing seasons.

6. You've seen leaves fall off the tree, but you're still leaving your rake and leaf blower sad, lonely, and dusty in the corner.

7. Everybody's talking about apple picking, but you're still hoping to get your strawberry game on.

8. WMUR reported snow on top of Mt. Washington, but you're out to catch a boogie boarding session at Hampton Beach in the morning.

9. You're walking around in Chacos while everyone else is in Uggs and knee high leather boots.

10. You plan your day thinking you can take a daylight walk at 7:30pm.


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