Stealing Potatoes

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Henry Homeyer

Recently I’ve been stealing potatoes. No, not from my neighbors (Relax, Lois. Chill, Joel!).  Nor the corner store. I’ve been grabbing a few from my own plants without disturbing them. Here’s what I do:

New potatoes vary in size

Instead of waiting until September to harvest my potatoes, sometimes I go to the garden and get a few for dinner. I just wiggle my hand through the loose, soft soil around my potato plants and when I feel a potato I grab it, and pull it out. Momma potato does not even know I’ve grabbed one of her babies! She keeps on growing the others, making them bigger and bigger.

Healthy potato plants will keep on producing until late fall.

This works best if you have a loose, fluffy soil. Heavy clay is harder to penetrate with your fingers. Since I work in plenty of compost at planting time and have mulched the soil to keep down weeds and hold in moisture, my soil is perfect not only for growing spuds, but for snitching them.

You can start stealing potatoes anytime after they blossom, like this one.

The bottom line on potatoes is this: you can pull your plants and harvest potatoes any time after they have bloomed. The longer you wait, the bigger the spuds will be. But I’m eating potatoes now, and you can, too. 

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