Upper Valley Fall Activities To Make You Forget Summer

Corn Maze Serial Killer Sipping A PSL?

It is the time of year when you can feel the seasons are changing. The nights are becoming chillier. The tops of the trees are starting to turn orange. The grocery store is having that weird battle in the Little Debbie Snack isle where Halloween themed treats are arriving next to the summer treats. It is easy to become blue considering the summer is coming to an end. But, fall holds so many fun Upper Valley activities, you won’t miss summer for long.

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Here is a list of fall activities:

Sip a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Jake’s Coffee Company

I’ve had many an argument regarding the best PSL in the UV, with the new arrival of Starbucks shortly, my response may change, but I’ve always considered Jake’s the ultimate PSL. It’s not fall if the PSL’s aren’t flowing like a fire hose.

Mac and Cheese Challenge at 75 Artisans Way, Windsor, VT

Hosted by: Vermont Farmstead cheese Co. and Castleton Crackers. It’s time to forget about your summer bod till January, let the creamy mac and cheese be your guiding light.

9/10 – 11AM to 3PM


The Tunbridge World Fair – in Tunbridge, Vermont



Tunbridge feels like the Vermont dream of all those out of staters. And, in the fall, Tunbridge is at its peak. This is my personal favorite fair of the season, it’s the largest and holds an astounding number of historic reenactors. Try the Apple Crisp, it will blow your mind!

Octoberfest at Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont

10/7/2017 - 10/8/2017


If you are still blue about summer ending by mid-October, drown it in beer at Octoberfest.

Largest Corn Maze in New England

Last Day to Maze October 15th


This one is an hour outside of the Upper Valley, but it’s well worth the drive since it is the largest in New England. It took my family nearly 4 hours to complete it and over three miles of walking. Corn mazes inspire the creative writer in me. Think: Corn Maze Killer, corn maze located near a prison, serial killer escapes, and teenagers playing in a corn maze after hours. We have a great slasher film here.


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