Vermont's Most Exquisite Ice Cream

Kiss That Cow in Thanks!

We are returning to Barnard's Feast and Field Market to set the stage for this week's highlight.  It began last year in July.  On a typically lively Thursday night, I sauntered over to an ice cream guy standing behind a small portable freezer.  Not expecting much but very much in the throes of a sweet attack, I chose a small cup of caramel ice cream.  I then sauntered back to our table and poked the small spoon into the cup and then took a bite and just about fell off my bench with the rich taste of salted sweet elixir.  

Truth be told, after assessing my bench, I bought another one fifteen minutes later.  It was then that I realized this was no ordinary ice cream guy but Randy Robar himself. Randy and his wife Lisa are the vibrant proprietors of Kiss The Cow Farm, just down the road in this epicurean niche of the Royalton Turnpike; at some future point, he noted, the farm would be selling their ice cream daily on sight.  It is just incredible to think of the delicious bounty that grows and is cooked in this Barnard nook.  The discovery of summer's Wednesday lunches at Fable Farm Fermentory is another prime example.  Click here

Up to now I was, and still am, a huge fan of Morano Gelato in Hanover; so, New Hampshire has its star.  However, I will admit that Kiss The Cow's concoctions and medleys of flavor are extremely extraordinary.  Thus, Vermont may now boast its own brilliant iced star.  It all began with one cow in the Robars' garage and then a few rescues, which eventually necessitated the move to a nearby recently unused dairy farm.  

And so began the kissing of many more cows along with several hundred pasture-raised chickens (400 egg layers, 2500 meat chickens) turkeys and ducks thrown in for good measure.  All of this sits on a section of hundreds of acres now safely locked in the Vermont Land Trust, a stunning piece of land with gentle folds and rolls that abuts the Feast and Field Market.  It is no wonder that the milk and cream from the grass-fed cattle would so luxuriously suffuse the varied iced creams.  There are now  "pampered Jersey and Normande cows, who are outside in the fresh air and sunshine expressing their cowness", according to the website.  In fact this is part of a consortium of four farms: this one, Eastman Farm, Heartwood Farm and the Fable Farm Fermentory too.

Now for the fun part-to just some of the seventeen flavors:
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2 Die 4 Dark Chocolate, 3 Continent Vanilla, Salted Crack Caramel (my downfall last summer), Balsamic Strawberry, Blueberry Lavender, Sweet Jersey Cream or Cookies and Cream?

And there are more.  I went for a visit this week and gazed upon the blackboard for this week's specials.  I chose the Cookies and Cream but was reminded that the Holy Cow has dark chocolate brownie crumble in its creamy midst.  

Kiss The Cow Farm is located at 2248 Royalton Turnpike and is always open.  You will gently roll along the driveway and eventually arrive to see the FARM STORE with its proud blue door.  You may feel the pull of the ice cream immediately; however, there is also the luscious milk, eggs, various frozen birds and beef or veal, some Potlicker Kitchen jams and even that wonderful Greek olive oil and honey from The Olive Table.  Another time I might buy the Sweet Jersey Cream ice cream and dribble some of The Olive Table's raw pine honey over the top.  This is altogether a charming little farm store offering a selection of delectable treasures.

You will also find their products at some local markets:
The Feast & Field Market on Thursdays from 4:30pm to 7:30pm from May - October.
The Woodstock on the Green Farmers' Market on Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 6:00pm from May - October.
The Norwich Farmers' Market on select Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm from May - September.

Click here to explore their farm but do go for a spin and indulge!

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