Brookfield CSA Offers Mushrooms Year-Round

Oyster mushrooms at 1000 Stone Farm in Brookfield. (Herald / Bob Eddy)

Farm’s Biweekly Mushrooms Bring Culinary Variety

Mushroom lovers looking for a new summer source need to look no further than 1000 Stone Farm in Brookfield, where a unique crop is being cultivated. The oyster mushroom is a common, edible mushroom that can be found growing on hardwoods worldwide. Their subtle, nutty flavor makes oyster mushrooms a favorite in soups and sauces, and they have been grown by 1000 Stone Farm for two seasons.

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The farm, owned by Kyle Doda, is a four-season certified organic homestead farm committed to raising organic and sustainably grown produce for the local community and beyond. The oyster mushrooms are distributed via 1000 Stone’s bi-weekly mushroom CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and can also be found on the menu at Three Penny Taproom, Tulsi Tea Room, Sarducci’s, and Kismet Kitchen, in Montpelier, and Ariel’s Restaurant in Brookfield. The mushroom CSA is one of four different CSAs that 1000 Stone Farm offers.

Year-Round Offerings

The farm starts the year with 10 weeks of its spring CSA, followed by 20 weeks of a summer CSA, and the 15-week fall/winter CSA. The biweekly mushroom CSA features certified organic oyster mushrooms.

Kyle Doda is cultivating several varieties of oyster mushrooms at 1000 Stone Farm in Brookfield. (Herald / Bob Eddy)

“We strive to provide crops at times when people can’t usually find fresh produce,” said Doda in a recent phone interview with The Herald.

All but the spring CSA comes with a choice of a small or large share, with prices differing accordingly. A newsletter, included with every installment of produce, suggests recipes for the newest crops.

Customers receive a variety of food in each seasonal CSA, ranging from Swiss chard and herbs in the spring; to melons, berries, and sweet potatoes in the summer; and salad mixes and root vegetables in the winter weeks. The four seasons of CSAs are possible thanks to Doda’s eight greenhouses, which help to provide produce earlier than most farms so that “customers can receive fresh food earlier, all year,” said Doda.

Greenhouse manager, Margaret Kane brings flats of freshly harvested garlic to the barn at 1000 Stone Farm in Brookfield. (Herald / Bob Eddy)

“When people add it up, they will typically save money,” Doda explained. “All of our CSA members can save 15-25% off our normal retail prices, depending on the time of year.”

During the summer boom, Doda added, members will often walk away with more produce than they actually pay for. Members also pay for the unbeatable taste and freshness of the product, along with the knowledge that their money is supporting a local farm with local employees.


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