Good Job: Dr. Maura Sanders

Maura Sanders, DMD had departed the Upper Valley following her graduation from Hanover High School in 1998, and followed a winding path that would lead her to the profession of dentistry.

The Norwich native had been inspired by an unfortunate accident as a young girl that knocked out her two front teeth. Maura had always retained a vivid memory of that event and carried it with her. Leaving the Upper Valley behind, Maura enrolled at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and majored in neurophyschology. From there she attended dental school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. With degree in hand, Maura completed a one-year residency at the University of Massachusetts. The journey to becoming a dentist was complete.

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“When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I remember running and falling into a table and, as a result, knocked out two of my front teeth,” Maura recalled. “A Norwich dentist by the name of Dr. Bachner treated me and put in my missing teeth and fixed them so I was back looking normal. I never forgot that experience. Dentistry remained in my mind from that point on.”

Maura’s desire to aid others with her newly acquired dentistry skills increased when she joined the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) and she spent the next seven years doing Public Health Dentistry in Worcester, Massachusetts. NHSC helps bring health care to those who need it in the areas of the United States that have limited access to professional health and dental treatment.

“In Worcester, we treated people in need of dental care with limited income such as the homeless or those on public assistance. Overall, I have discovered dentistry to be a very rewarding profession. It is such a wonderful feeling to see the reaction when you help them regain their appearance or relieve the pain they are suffering.”

Her connection with dentistry apparently was sealed by fate. While working in Worcester, Maura met her husband Rambert Ramirez, who was born in the Dominican Republic, and was serving with her as a dental assistant. They now have three beautiful children Aidan (6), Azlynn (4), and Austin (1). That growing family helped spur the couple’s decision to return to the Upper Valley.

“At the time of our decision, my son was about to enter kindergarten and my connection to the Upper Valley remained strong. Remember, I grew up there and my parents, Gail and Nick Sanders, lived in Norwich for 35 years. I go all the way back to the Marion Cross School. We wanted to raise our children here because it is such a great place to bring up a family and to live. We took up residence in Plainfield and one critical decision there was that they offer K-8 grade.”

Recently Maura’s husband Rambert, who had become a dental lab technician, established his own dental laboratory named A&A Dental Lab in Meriden, New Hampshire. With both locked into the same profession, it would be easy to guess the topic at the dinner table.

“Oh, yes! We talk a lot about teeth that is for sure!” Maura stated with a laugh. “It is nice to be able to compare our day with each other and share our common experiences. Returning to the Upper Valley has been a great experience for me. There have been a lot of changes since I left, but it still feels the same.”

Dr. Sanders is a three-year associate at Hanover Road Dental Health and sees new patients and patients of record Tuesday through Friday.


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