Free Cornish & Company Piano
Nick Porcello
Price:  Free

Cornish and Company Piano

Built in 1899 in Washington NJ

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Model: Columbia

Has an effects pedal also known as a “Banjo Pedal”. Four foot pedals in all from left to right: Piano, Pianissimo, Orchestral (Banjo Pedal), Sustaining pedal.

This would need to a little work to play but is a grand example of the craftsmanship of the time. Beautiful turn of the century carved details all around with decorative flourishes even on the pin block and bridge.

Here's a link to the original Cornish Catalog that I found on line:

This was collected by a Dartmouth music major and bequeathed to us when he moved to Japan 20 years ago and has since never been recollected.

Will help arrange transport from Wilder VT

Contact me: Nick Porcello at:


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