Seminary Hill erratic driving suspect arrested for DUI Drugs

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Multiple callers reported near collisions

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Multiple callers reported an erratic driver "all over the road" heading down Seminary Hill in West Lebanon over the noon hour on Friday and minutes later a former resident of the area ended up getting arrested in White River Junction on suspicion of drugged driving.

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    Police from both Lebanon and Hartford caught up with Darrell Boudro Jr., 48, of Haverhill, Massachusetts moments after he crossed the bridge over the Connecticut River into Vermont and brought him to a stop in the parking lot in front of the Corner Drug Store on Maple Street.

    A breath test came up negative for alcohol but Boudro appeared to have difficulty maintaining his balance as officers put him through a series of field sobriety exercises next to a busy intersection.

    Hartford Police Chief Phil Kasten said that Boudro was subsequently taken to a hospital for further tests before officers released him late Friday afternoon with a citation to answer the drugged driving charge at a future court appearance.

    Cory Wright, the front seat passenger and owner of the small white Subaru that callers were frantically reporting to dispatchers as having been involved in near-collisions in downtown West Lebanon said he let his friend Boudro drive on Friday because Boudro was up visiting from Massachusetts.

    "We went to the laundromat, got ice coffees and went to visit a friend of his in Lebanon," Wright explained after Boudro was handcuffed and placed in the back of a cruiser.  "Things were fine until we got to Seminary Hill when he almost ran into the back of somebody and I told him 'Darby!  I can tell you're tired, you're eyes are closing up.  Why don't you just pull over and let me drive, pull over before you get pulled over'," Wright recalled.

    Wright said that Boudro, a 1987 graduate of Windsor High School who also lived in Woodstock in years past, was "too stubborn" to turn Wright's car back over to him.

    "As soon as they hit the blue lights I said 'Darby, I think they are pulling you over'," Wright said, adding, "It looked to me like he was very, very tired."

    Police did not specify on Friday what drug they thought Boudro was under the influence of nor whether it was a prescribed medication or an illegal narcotic.  

    Wright said his friend does suffer from some serious medical conditions but quickly added "If he is (prescribed medication) I wouldn't know.  I don't get into people's personal business."

    Back in 2007, when he was living in Windsor, Vermont and working as a carpenter and a basketball coach, Boudro attended two weeks of in-patient substance abuse treatment before he pled guilty to a slate of charges as part of a plea deal, including a negligent operation charge that arose after he was caught passing a Windsor police cruiser in a dangerous manner while under the influence of marijuana.

    During that proceeding in 2007, where Boudro received an entirely suspended 18-to-36 month sentence and two years of probation, then Windsor County Deputy State's Attorney Eric Lopez told the judge that Boudro "has been a person who struggled with substance abuse dependence for a very large part of his life.  He's taking a look at that.  Hopefully he will, one last time, be able to put those things behind him."

    When it became Boudro's turn to speak at that sentencing he told Judge Cortland, "I take full responsibility for my actions...I was a pretty solid citizen in the community.  My substance abuse problem hit me fast and put me on a downward spiral.  I'm doing Narcotics Anonymous meetings I need to get my life back where it was."

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